Best free alternatives to Microsoft Office

Whenever you need to write a text, create a slideshow, make a spreadsheet, or you need reliable e-mail software, the first thing that will come to mind is usually Microsoft Office. With a plethora of useful components and top-notch features, this application suite has been around for quite some time and has become the go-to office suite for most PC users.

However, MS Office’s undisputed reign is seeing more and more competitors every year as new and free alternatives come to surface. So, if you’re hunting for a program that comes with the functionality and convenience of Microsoft Office but lacks a price tag, maybe you should check some of these out.


LibreOffice is, by far, the most popular Microsoft Office alternative to date – and for a good reason. To put it shortly, this office suite was created with the single goal of being able to do everything MS Office is incapable of.

The best thing about LibreOffice (aside from it being free of charge) is its ability to import and export a considerable number of document and graphic formats, and it has an open source community which you simply can’t ignore.

It’s highly customizable, it has a complex security system, and most importantly, it’s completely free.

WPS Office

While some alternatives to the Microsoft’s well known office suite try as hard as possible to outdo the Office that we all know and love, others focus on mimicking it more than on anything else. And the best example for this is WPS Office.

WPS actually stands for “Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet.” If you’re looking for an office suite that will give you the closest thing to experiencing the real MS Office, this is the thing for you. In many ways, WPS is very much alike the original MS Word – from a spot-on interface to templates strongly resembling those you can find in Microsoft’s staple text editing software.

On the other hand, WPS also features a few tools of its own making, such as controlling paragraphs with your mouse and multiple document access via tabs.


Here’s one of the most MS Office lookalikes you can find on the web. SoftMaker, the creator of FreeOffice, went out of its way to come up with a piece of software that’s not only vastly similar to its original source, but it also ensures that whatever you create while using it can and will be correctly read by Microsoft Word.

The latest 2016 version was designed to make any document in XLS, XLSX, DOC, and DOCX format as loss free as possible. In layman’s terms, you should worry about your documents being corrupted or messed up if you want to use both FreeOffice and MS Word.

Google Docs

You probably didn’t expect to find something as simple as Google Docs on this list, did you? We all used it at one point or another, but only those who dug a little deeper know that this document software is actually a pretty good alternative to Microsoft Office.

Seeing as this is a cloud-based program and offers integration with so many different things, it’s safe to say that Google Docs isn’t something you see every day (although most of us do). Google Docs doesn’t only offer basic text-editing options, but it also works through Google Drive, which means it’s perfect for online collaborations. Furthermore, it also features integration with other popular Google services, such as Calendar, Google Plus, Gmail and more.

To put it shortly, Google Docs is a very simple and useful MS Office alternative that boasts availability and convenience as its main attributes.